Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Were goin' to Jackson!

This past weekend I got to go Jackson Hole, Wyoming! It was amazing, everything was so beautiful and I had so much fun. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I took 290 pictures total, but only posted the best ones. But who doesn't love pictures?

We began our adventure at Will's pit stop..

and we were on our way.

about 45 minutes into the drive, our friend TJ lost his glasses when he stuck his head out the window. So naturally, Berit and I took the opportunity to take pictures. :)

My car of people

My first time to Wyoming!

Cool kids on the block

I crocheted when we had down time. It just fit the scene.

This is the house we stayed at. It was so nice and beautiful, and so secluded. The name of the road its on is called, "Solitude."

This was at 8:30 a.m. and me and Berit were the only people awake. We walked outside (40 degrees mind you) and realized that the door locked behind us. We had to tap on the boys' window and wake one of them up to let us in.

When everyone was up, we did yoga.

It started hailing!!! It was so cute, anytime anything snowish or nature-like happened, everyone would call out for me because its all so new to me.

The Grand Tetons!!

Everyone was doing couple pictures, so me and Trent, being the only single people on the trip decided to take a nice pose of our own.

That water was freezing... did I go touch it? you bet.

Famous antler arches

My new friend. (took this picture for Dad, do you know why?)

IBC rootbeer at lunch

I did a spread for Cabela's

The girls. "WE OWN THIS TOWN."

The only single people. Kip, Trent and Me. Fantastic.

I loved the open spaces of Wyoming. Made me want to ride a horse or something.

The boys decided it would be fun to stand on the trash can. (i dont know)

I had to bring my slippers. :)

We later shot pellet guns. We were in cowboy country, we had to.

This was the best.

"You don't do nothin' but sit on the porch and drink whiskey"
"I like to kick a pig every once in a while." :)

We also chopped wood, I was feeling very country. (I really did chop wood, this isn't just a pose)

Then it started snowing like CRAZY!

catching snowflakes

I had to take a picture with the big shotgun. :)

Later, we had a dance party. As you can see I was the best dancer.

At church the next day I walked in and saw the missionaries sitting there. Lo and behold, who is one of those missionaries? My friend from home, Robert Beck! So funny to see him as a missionary. Didn't even know he was out here.

After church, we all took pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the group shots, I'll have to get them later from my friend.

American Gothic

Dinner with Matt's grandparents.

After dinner we took a walk to the river

And took lots of pretty pictures along the way

We saw some elk, but this was as close as they would let us get to them.

I love Wyoming!

The girlies

river and the tetons

Finally, we left Jackson and everyone was pretty sad...especially TJ.

I had the best time and I feel so fortunate that I got to go experience something new. I really gained an appreciation for beauty outside of Hawaii and learned that there is such a bigger world outside of my little island.