Sunday, May 31, 2009


So yesterday Ryan and I went to Ehukai. This was the result.

Gonna miss this.

This is my favorite.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, my family and I all had the day off so we went to Waimea bay together. It was really nice considering that this rarely happens. It was the first time we had all been to the beach together since before Matthew went on his mission.

Ryan and I drove the little white Tacoma while Dad rode in the back.

Everyone was really excited to be there.

This is our camp site. Mom had to go to a luncheon so she came later.

Notice how packed Waimea bay was. its hard to tell in this picture, but all the colored specks at the end of the beach are people. gross.

Ryan spent a good deal of time testing out his new camera in a water housing.

Matthew and Kat made a little throne for Kat.

Yes Kat, it is going on my blog.

Matthew thought it would be fun to play crocs and wildebeasts. Basically whoever the WB is, has stand on all fours and close their eyes and predict when the "croc" is coming.

Sunset at Waimea is always pretty.

My family. I will definetly miss them.

After 4 1/2 hours at Waimea, we went to cholo's and ate dinner. It was pretty good. Hopefully ALL of us (+1) can go back to the beach on christmas day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Its ALL about the photo darling..

To make up for my last post with no pictures, I have decided to dedicate an entire post to recent pictures I've taken.

My Dad was trying to take a nap and our little Schnauzer tried to get up as close to him as possible. She loves him. I thought it was cute.

As I was walking down the stairs the other day I happened to look out the window. I noticed the tree behind my house and how pretty it looked in the twilight and had to go outside to take some pictures.

This one is currently my desktop.

This is my family.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lessons i learned in school

Yesterday I worked with the fully self contained kids. The moment I arrived I was greeted with a high five and told that i looked nice and that I look like Hannah Montana. I felt so welcome.
I asked the teacher what kinds of disabilities these kids have and she said they range from autism to mild mental retardation. Regardless, these kids had the biggest hearts. I helped one of my students named Ryan with some sentences he was writing while I knelt by his desk with my hands resting on the table. As he was writing I told him, "you know, I have a brother named Ryan." He simply looked down at me with a huge grin on his face, patted my hands and made this little high pitched whinny laugh. It was so cute. What was even cuter, was when one boy came over and handed Ryan a drawing of some balloons. I said, "Nathan, that's lovely, did you draw it for Ryan?" he said he had and Ryan just looked up at him and said, "thanks man." I was so close to crying.
On another occasion I had to watch one of the boys who had lost his recess because he had acted up in class the day before. His assignment was just to read until recess was over. Which he did without complaint. While he was reading, he had skipped to the end of the book while I wasn't looking and finished it. When he told me he was done, I asked if he had skipped to the end of the book. He just got this kind of sheepish smile on his face and said, "yeah." so again, without complaint, he turned to the beginning of the book and continued reading. How many middle schoolers would be happy to do that?

So I ask myself today, why can't we all just cooperate with the rules, draw each other pictures, smile, and give high fives? And we think they are the disabled ones...

heres my dear ol mummy boxing on the wii. I had a great video too but for some reason it wouldn't load.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I guess this is like a public diary

I started my day today with the Fleet foxes- ragged wood. if you havenʻt heard this song, it is perfect for frolicking. I plan on using it someday.

Then I went to school, but not to learn. oh no, I went to WORK at a school. which school you may ask? It is none other than good old Mililani Middle. (which got itʻs first case of confirmed swine flu today.) Iʻve joined the ranks at the institution for our adolescents as a substitute educational assistant. Iʻve run into a couple of my old teachers that I havenʻt seen since I was in eighth grade and when they first look at me they just kind of stare for a second and then shout, "oh its you!" they donʻt really remember my name.
Basically, what I do is monitor the kids who are in special ed in their regular classes. So on my first day, they couldnʻt really figure out who this lady was who knew all their names and was coming around checking their work. When they ask who I am I just respond, "Iʻm a subsitute E.A." and of course they have no idea what that is so I have to say, "oh Iʻm a substitute educational assistant," which pretty much just sounds like Iʻm trying to sound more important than I really am. So I deal with the eighth graders who swear at me and pretend to head butt me. (long story) tomorrow Iʻll be with the fully self contained kids. (down syndrome, etc.)
Heaven help our middle school teachers.

Ryan and I were going to go to a Israeli martial arts class with a couple in our ward, (they like us) but it got cancelled. Apparently, the fighting style is that you just get really angry for about 8 seconds and then unleash your rage on the person. I was really excited about it.

I just got done watching the movie Penelope. I thought it was going to be kinda stupid, but it turned out to be utterly magical. James Mackavoy is the leading man. Although not your stereotypical gorgeous leading man, I really like him as an actor and have fallen slightly for him. if you like pigs and james mackavoy, watch it.

also Iʻd like your opinion on this jacket. I need one for provo and although I was planning on buying that stuff there, I just think this one is super cute and a steal at $32. The black only comes in small and i generally wear medium. I think the black looks sophisticated, but Iʻm worried about the size. so black or white, or should I even purchase?

oh and Iʻm in Jessicaʻs pants.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Resistance is futile..

So I finally became a blogger. the following is an account of how I became said blogger...
Most of you know that I was recently accepted to THE Brigham Young University in Utah. Utah however, is thousands of miles away from my island home of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This leads to an issue of time difference between me and my beloved Madre. We will not be able to have extensively LONG conversations as we once did on the phone, so she, being the avid blogger that she is suggested that I start a blog so that she can see what kind of fabulous activities I am participating in during my stay in Utah. I said, "no."
Then I started reading all of my familyʻs and friendʻs blogs. I commented on and enjoyed reading all the outlandish and comic posts of my compadres so much that I could no longer resist. AND SO, I have decided to start my own. Eventually this will be dedicated to the updates of me to my family, (my mother) but for now, I will be posting all the exciting happenings (a.k.a. work) of my lovely summer here on my little island in the middle of the sea.
Since I have been inspired by all of my familyʻs and friendʻs posts, this is a dedication to all of your blogs. So in honor of your blogs I will share all of my favorite post moments from all of my favorite blogs..

Mom- favorite post, Kuhio day.. it includes a video of me dancing on the tahitian canoe. I also enjoy the next one entitled, "two more." its pictures of me.

Chelsea & Burke- I really canʻt pick a favorite. I love each one. I just like the fact that youʻll post something as small as you eating a doughnut or jumping across your office. I also love all your commentary on movies and TV shows. small things, but always brings a smile.

Mallory & Kendall- hands down, I love the Brunhilda post. my favorite thing about it was the picture included of the actual brunhilda... what made it even more special was the fact that she was from Xena.

Sophie- I think I speak for everyone when I say that carsons dance and song was hilarious. I love those wiggly arms. I was literally singing that song all during our trip to the big island.

Jessica- Every post is a gem. I think my favorite thing about your blog are your toes and your title. I love your feet.

Brooke- your latest entry was cute, and so sweet. I enjoyed the part about the lazy dance. I think Iʻll have to try it sometime. :)

Aunt Nancy- Itʻs nice to have someone who cares so much about the Kentucky derby. youʻre an inspiration.

Krystle & Brett- I enjoyed the one about how brett wants to change the adress. but I think I truly enjoyed our momʻs conversation in the comments.

Aunty Lori- I just have one thing to say.. you ARE delicious.

Anyway, thanks for all of your inspiration to start this journey on blogging.
Love to you all.

oh, and this is just because you canʻt have a post without a picture.