Thursday, October 27, 2011


My birthday was in September and I never got around to writing about it. Harris made it so special. He picked me up from work and blind folded me. We drove for a while and finally he got me out of the car and and walked me around for a bit. I couldn't really tell where we were but I knew it was a forest-like area. Finally he told me to "stand here." All of the sudden a bench was being scooted under me and I was lifted off the ground. Harris took the blindfold off and I was on a ski lift at Sundance. It was a lovely ride. At the top I noticed a little picnic and I nudged Harry and said, "oh look, how cute!" Then I realized who it was for. whoops.
We ate our little sandwiches and Harris gave flowers!
Later that night we ate dinner with all of our friends at Terra Mia and had a little bon fire at the Anderson home. It was a wonderful birthday! Thanks honey!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ry Ry's Birthday

Ryan's 24th birthday was on Saturday, so on sunday we had a little bbq celebration! Ryan invited a few of his friends over to our house and we made lots of meat. I haven't had short ribs in a very very long time so it was delicious.
Some of the boys cooked the meat outside on our front porch.

Harry, my handsome, harmonizing, husband, serenaded us a bit. It was lovely, and I snapped this cute little diddy.
Happy birthday Ryan! We love you!