Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Notice anything different about me?

Of course you don't. That's because nothing on the outside has changed but on the inside I am 10 weeks PREGNANT!!
That's right, we are expecting little baby Clarke on August 19th and we couldn't be more thrilled!
So far, we have been to one doctor's appointment which was pretty informative and they just made sure our little dragon (that is the baby's nickname) was actually nine weeks. Our next appointment is scheduled for Feb. 16th. I think they will let us hear the heartbeat and do our first ultrasound.
I went off birth control in November and I seriously didn't expect to get pregnant so fast, but so happy that I did. I took the test on a saturday morning while Harris was still sleeping. When I read the result I was elated. I woke Harris up and gave him the positive test (don't worry, I made sure it was clean) wrapped in a onesie that I had drawn on. (I had one left over from a baby shower I threw for a friend.)
He was SO excited and I know he will make a great Daddy. He is already so focused and has been such a great nurse. He runs to the store to get me food I'm craving, (yogurt) makes me dinner, makes sure I take my vitamin and all that good stuff. He is the best husband I could ever ask for.

We feel so blessed to have this new baby coming into our family. It is amazing how our lives have completely changed since we found out, but for the better. I feel like we are more on track and we have a good plan going. We couldn't be more excited and we can't wait to meet baby Clarke!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Harris and I spent Christmas in DC this year. One thing I really wanted to do was go to the Smithsonian. It was a very fun day. We went to the museum if natural history, the Air and Space museum and the main smithsonian (pictured below).
Spirit of St. Louis! (Do you know why this plane is famous? I'll give major points if you do, I didn't :/ ).

DC is a very fun city and it is always fun to see something new when we visit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mayra's Shower

My computer has been seriously out of commission since thanksgiving but thanks to my dear husband I'm back to blogging. Mayra's shower was at the beginning of December and I threw it at my house. We did the traditional games like the toilet paper bride and such and also decorated some panties for Mayra to wear on her big night.
When I went to the store I just bought the cheapest pack I could find and low and behold, they were granny panties. I laughed out loud when I opened them but figured it'd be a bigger canvas. We had a great time decorating those drawers. (Just imagine what Lexie can do with some fabric markers and scissors and you've got yourself a good time.)

wrapping up the bride to be
Lovely Lee Ladies
The finished product
The designers
It was a lovely shower and I got to know Mayra a little better. She is just a peach and I love having her in our family!