Monday, November 21, 2011

Lark and Kyle

I recently got to be the florist for a friend's wedding and it was so fun! I made the bridal bouquet, centerpieces and aisle arrangements. It was really simple, everything was just babies breath but it was nice to learn the process with something so easy but beautiful!
This was the hall where they had the ring ceremony.
The aisle arrangements tied to the chairs.

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the bouquet when it was fresh. This is at the end of the day and it had been through a lot, but I was really proud of it. :)
The reception hall, the centerpieces were really simple but they turned out pretty nice.
I did a couple of arrangements for the entrance as well.
Lark and Kyle are such a cute couple and it was a pleasure to do their flowers! I also made Kyle's Boutonniere. They were wonderful and I wish them all the best!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Avocado Fries

I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time. This is one of my latest favorite recipes. I never really bought avocados much until I saw this! They are so delicious and super easy! I am getting hungry just looking at them.
So here's the recipe:
1 avocado
1 egg
canola oil

Slice the avocado into thin strips and skin it. Put the egg and panko into separate bowls and stir up the egg. Dip each strip into the egg and then coat each strip in the panko. Make sure it is covered generously. Once all the strips have been coated fry the avocado on the stove top in the oil until golden brown. Set avocados on a paper towel and lightly salt them. Once somewhat cool, enjoy!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Very Harry Halloween

Harry and I celebrated Halloween on Saturday since we had our ward party. Last year we were engaged and went to a crazy college party and this year we handed out candy to little children in the church. We are married. But it was so much fun!
We dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione (or Cho Chang, I couldn't decide.) Harry's dad was also in town and was a very good sport about being Dumbledore. My only regret is forgetting to take a picture of him.
I made Harry's glasses out of pipe cleaner. I loved calling him Harry all night, because it's not at all out of the norm but he really WAS Harry!
Harris carved a Harry Potter pumpkin at my request and he did it completely free hand! (A little Harris T. trivia for you, he really enjoys drawing and painting.) We had this sitting outside our door and had the Harry Potter theme song playing as we passed out candy. We pretty much ruled that hallway.
Some of our favorite costumes from the ward, The Jimenez family won.
I loved the Paxtons costumes. They were facetime!
Can't wait for next year! Superman and Lois Lane? Perhaps...