Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Kicks

Hey peeps. Hey. On Saturday night, Harris and I were over at a friend's house and we were watching the Incredible Hulk. We had just had root beer floats and all my stomach gurgling had subsided. All of the sudden I felt a tiny little flutter in my lower abdomen on my side. I whispered to Harris that the baby had moved and he just kinda smiled at me and said, "cool." I didn't mind too much that he had that response since I didn't want to freak out in the middle of a movie we were watching with other people and I'd been saying, "I think that was the baby, but I'm not sure," for days.
Later in the car, I told him that it was definitely the b
aby and he got really excited. It was such a cool feeling and I felt like the baby was saying hi to me.
I have been trying to talk to the baby a little bit. Apparently it can hear my voice so I just say things like, "ok baby, lets go to the bathroom," or "time to do the dishes baby." I know its dumb, but I like it.
I haven't felt it again yet, but apparently I won't for
like another week or so. I am only 15 weeks which is pretty early to feel the baby, but not unheard of.
Obviously, this is not me. I look no where near like this. I am barely showing at all, but this was the best picture I could find to illustrate a little kicking baby.