Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day

Today was the first day of classes. Everything felt so surreal as I walked to my classes. I have worked so hard and I feel so blessed just to be here. One of my classes, American Heritage, has 2300 students. (the class is split up of course) Add just 100 more and that was the size of BYU Hawaii. Yeah.
I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of students on campus and by the size of the buildings. The architecture is AMAZING, and the campus is just gorgeous. I still can't believe I am a student here.
Today one of my classes was chorus and apparently, I'm a first soprano. Didn't know that.
On Sunday I went to church and it was good. I have a really good ward that seems to have a lot of activities and seems to be very social. I met a lot of really nice girls as well. Everyone is so friendly and just comes up and introduces themselves. I love it.
My roommates are great. I love all of them. I share a room with Berit, who is my cousin Mallory's sister-in-law. She's a great girl from Utah and is really fun. She is really great about introducing me to people and she's so sweet. My other roommates are Brooke and Kati. Brooke is from Texas and is engaged. She is getting married in December so she'll be here for just a semester. She is hilarious. Anything she says is pure joy. Kati is super fun. She is also from Utah and loves rock climbing. In our apartment, we have a bunch of paintings that she has done. They are all really cute and add so much to our humble abode.

I haven't taken many pictures yet, but they will come. Here are some pictures of Berit and I on our first day of class.
(Don't mind the black sides of Berit's Picture, my camera sucks. Good thing I got a new one.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Packing Up

The time has come for me to pack up my life and head up to Utah. It's really scary, but I'm so excited for this new experience of going away to school.

I seriously do not know how people do this. Its been really convenient throwing all my stuff into trash bags and into my car these last two years. Now it has to be packed neatly into only 2 suitcases.

I'll admit, it did make me a little more excited to leave. :)

Goodbye Hawaii, Hello Utah....

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Last First

I went to my last first friday's with Ryan at the beginning of this month. It was so sad but we had a great time listening to a a friend of a friend's band. They were so good and i even have their music on my ipod now.

The band was called "our distance" and they were awesome live. One of my favorite things about them was how they used three bass drums, and just beat the life out of them. I have to find a new art/ music scene when i get to provo. Ryan said i could just create my own F.F. just paint something every month, hang it up somewhere and have my friends come look at it. Somehow, i dont think it would be the same.

Scroll down after this, i have one more post.


I have skills. Blanket making/embroidering SKILLS. (and yes, I did free hand it)

I made this baby blanket for little Evy. She seemed to like it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Byebye Spud

Yesterday was my last day at work. I was a lot more sad than I thought I was going to be. It's amazing how close I got to my co-workers and how much I bonded with the babies in such a short period of time. My co-workers threw me a little going away party/ potluck which I did not get pictures of.
One woman that I used to do the opening shift with, Maria, got me a card and made me a whole batch of lumpia. (which she pointed out, she never makes for anyone at these potlucks, but had to do it for me.) Maria is this little 50 year old lady from the Philippines, but she was probably my best friend at work. I will miss her.

This is my Spud. He is "my baby," as my co-workers call him. Whenever he cried, they would always give him to "Mama Kat." He was so cute and I rarely put him down. I mean, just look at those cheeks. I had a variety of nicknames for him, mostly all after vegetables, which included things like Spud, Pea Pod, Green Bean, etc. His Mom was sad I was leaving and she was even going to bring me a picture of him to give to me but she forgot. Luckily, I had my camera.

I'll miss my job, the kids and the friends I made, (especially Spud man) but not enough to give up whats coming. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

25 Years of Love

Today is my dear parents 25th anniversary. They were married on August 18th 1984, in the Laie, Hawaii Temple.

They are really so special...

and such pretty people.

whoa nelly

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on a wonderful marriage. Happy 25th Anniversary, I love you so much!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Yates!
Last night I went to My friend Alana Durrett's (now Yates) wedding reception. It was a beautiful reception outside next to the ocean in Hau'ula, and the Bride looked absolutely gorgeous. I had a lot of fun, the food was awesome and it was great to catch up with old friends.