Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Nest on the Hill

Here is our humble little abode. You may remember this house from this post where I make a snowman with a "friend." (aka my future husband.) Harris was living in this house with some friends but now we live here! At first I have to say, when Harris suggested that we move in here, I was a little skeptical. But now I LOVE it and will be sad when we have to move. Its a pretty isolated little house on top of a hill. It is so cute and has a great view. We even have a little family of deer that sometimes comes and grazes in our front yard. I live in a little fairy tale house!
It looks a little shabby here, but looks so much prettier right now in the springtime.
Our view to the right
Our view to the left. Let's go inside now, shall we?
The living room! I finally got around to making it look decent and I absolutely love my little living room.
another view
Our mantle. I wish the fireplace actually worked, but I made it look pretty instead. The picture on the wall is Harris' grandparents wedding picture. His mother gave it to me as a bridal shower gift. Then we have our engagement photo and wedding invitation framed.
The kitchen
More kitchen. I found this little Italian poster and put it up here since Harris is Mr. Italy and I thought it would be cute.
Our bedroom. When Ryan got back from his mission, he brought me a little mexican sun wall hanging that I have always had in every room I've had since I came to Provo. I couldn't not put it up above the bed. I also love that the window looks out to the front view of the house.
Dresser with a little framed picture and quote that Harris' grandfather made us.
I LOVE my little house on the hill. Come visit us some time, we love having guests!